These Shades Are STILL Trash

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Although goodr did not personally send its employees to walk around and harvest the trash to create these recycled sunglasses, their team regularly participates in numerous volunteer events, which often result in the collection of trash! (Brownie points?) The tiny pieces of plastic used to craft these sunglasses come from facilities where single use plastics are collected, sorted, cleaned, and melted into plastic pellets. It’s from here that the once trash finds its way into a sunglasses mold. Oh did we hear you ask the universe, "Is that care card a seed card?!" Why, yes, yes it is! Plant it and grow something special. And you betchya that box was made from recycled paper.


goodr’s CEO, Carl the Flamingo stated, “SQUAWWWWWKKKKKKKKKKK!!! SQUAWK SQUAWK, SQUAWK. SQUAWK.” Which roughly translates to, “We will continue to work towards a long term solution when it comes to the use of recycled goods in our products.”