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Infinity Tool™ Modular Strap

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The Infinity Tool is a new type of multi-tool. Simple but powerful, you’ll be surprised by what this flexible gear tie can do! Is it a carabiner? Reusable zip tie? Fidget toy? Super-useful bracelet? It’s up to you. What’s more, the Infinity Tool is modular. Link two, three, four, or more together and discover what you can create - the configurations are literally endless. The Infinity Tool is the type of device where you may not quite know how you’ll use them, but’ll be thankful you have them when you do. Luckily, they're small enough to fit on your wrist. Two Sizes: 8 in (for the everyday stuff), 16 in (for the adventurous stuff) Packs: Sold in pairs Materials: SuperLoop: Platinum Silicone (Food-Grade), Studlink: Stainless Steel (304, Food-Grade) Strength: 70lbs per wrap *NOT for climbing.